The Starting Point

The Starting Point

Hello everyone, my name is Tony. I’m a long time watch enthusiast and recently decided to create my own brand. The decision stems from my own struggle to find any watch that combines a timeless design with excellent fit and finish at the attractive price point.

As a big fan of integrated bracelet designs, any name brand integrated bracelet watch would command a ridiculous price. We can all agree that the AP RO or PP Nautilus are all time greats (or to me they are). But at five or even six figures, they out of reach for 99% of you and me, you know, the normal people with a family (and maybe 1 - 2 dogs and cats).

On the flip side, there are several amazing offerings from microbrands in the $600-$1,500 range. I generally still find most of them lacking a bit of timelessness and refinement here and there (especially at lower end of the price range).

Our watches are developed based on three principles:

1. Timeless design: Our design goal is to be relevant for the next 50 years and more. We want to create watches that would be delightful to you today and when you handle them to your grand children, it would put a big smile on their faces. 
2. Excellent craftmanship: To me, watches are art pieces on wrist, even tool watches. Thus, fit and finish plays a critical role in the overall design of the watch. This is where I feel there is a distinction between higher price brands and lower ones. We referenced multiple high end brands in our design. Our goal is to match or exceed the level of finishing found in watches several times our price.
As fit and finish are best felt and observed in real life, we rely heavily on real prototypes for our photos instead of shiny renders. And we want our watch to look even better in real life than in the photos.
3. Reasonable price: I am committed to create watches which are approachable for us, the 99%, not the "elite" 1%. Our watches will not be the cheapest. But I'm 100% confident you will appreciate its value once you have it on your wrist.

PS: As a person who's lucky enough to have a stable full-time job, I have to say there are much easier ways to make money than creating a microbrand. It's also much easier to develop more expensive watches given our focus on quality. However, as we are dedicated for "the 99%",  providing excellent value will remain our core principle for now and the future. 


A little bit about me personally: I live in Northern Virginia in the US with my wife and 3 cats. We are expecting a new member to our family soon. I have a full time job, which although not my childhood dream job (I need to be able to fly to fulfill my childhood dream), allows me to pursue this passion project. I’m confident in my brand and look forward to converting this passion project into a full-time career in the future. If you are in the area, happy to connect.

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Love the timepieces and looking forward to the drop!
Based on the blog and pictures, im sure I’ll be a regular customer!

Adrian Morris

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