Model One

Inspired by the classic sport watch designs of the 70s, Model One brings you that perfect combination of timeless, masculine design and outstanding craftsmanship, at an unbeatable price. Imagine an original watch from a microbrand that cost you not much more than $500 dollars, but looks and feels like a $5K luxury watch? That's Model One.

The Case

We believe that Model One is one of the first integrated bracelet watches with a square case shape. Its case shape is also not exactly square, but what we called "beveled square". We soften the edges of the square shape to ensure aesthetic quality and reduce the watch's overall size.


The Dial

The dial showcases a brick-like tapisserie pattern. This pattern combining with the metallic paint and the thick applied indices makes the watch extremely playful with light, while maintaining legibility.

Fit and Finish

We believe fit and finish is an integral element of a watch's overall design. It's what creates the feeling of quality and distinguishes luxury watches from pedestrian ones. 

With Model One, we are committed to make sure our fit and finish quality matches other watches at several times our price point. Check out our comparison between Model One and a luxury watch here


On Wrist

At 37mm width, it fits pretty much any wrist size. And its 9.8mm thickness ensures extreme comfort for daily wear.